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27 June 2017
Kim kardashian fur coat

15 Kim Kardashian’s Real Fur Styles

Kim Kardashian has  engaged the press with her special style. Every appearance of Kim sparks lots of comments to many fashion magazines and blogs. She loves fur coats and accesorries to different colors and designs and that was the reason she became the most hated person from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). But she not daunted. She loves wearing fur coats and she defended her right to wear them because it’s her “choice”.  We have collected 15 of her fur style appearances and we listed them below.    Kim rocks with a long fur coat and a nude Yezzy bodysuit.      Kim with see througt shirt and long mink fur coat at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015.    Fur short coat combined with black frock featured a beaded bodice went over the crowd.     Kim’s fashionable long mink coat with graffiti rulled Los Angeles streets.   Over the knee boots and mink fur coat. Nailed it.   Kim wearing snakeskin boot, white long overall  and luxurious rabbit fur coat.   Kim with her daughter North during the fashion week 2016.       Kim’s ongoing fur look on Paris Fashion Week 2017. Feather jacket and white fox  fur stole.   Kim’s total black night out fur style in New York. We loved this nude fur look after one of her trips in Dubai     Kim Kardashian puts everything on display in a sheer top her black and white fur coat.     Spotted out in New York City wearing  sweatpants under a striped fur coat.   With her fluffy fur coat on her birthday in 2011.    Kim Kardashian keeps warm in her fur vest in the cold New York City.    Kim with her statement red fur coat, leaving ‘Hamilton’ in NYC.
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12 June 2017
fur slides on sleep

15 Stylish Ways To Wear Fur Slides

Fur slides is undoubtedly the trend of the last two years. But when exactly starts to spreads this trend all over the word?  The beginning was done from celebrities, such as Rihanna with her Fenty collection , Kim kardashian,  Tamara Ecclestone and many other celebrities who wanted to make the difference.  Fur slides is the proof that fur isn’t only for the winter. Many celebrities prefer fur slides for their  appearences, because they combined fashion and comfort. How can a woman wear these slides? We have some recommendations below of how can you combine fur slides with your outfit.   Match them with velvet clothes for every moment of the day.      You can wear them when you relax at home, after a bussy day, for indoor style.      Pastel style for carefree and fashionable circumstances with suitable accesories.       You can wear them after swimming as you enjoy your Cosmopolitan on the beach.      You can wear them even in your sleep with boohoo danielle satin backless cami babydoll.   Or them as you travel with your Calvin Klein bag.        Girly it is. Tight jeans, pink slides and MK handbag.     Match your fur sandals with your Hollister Lace high-neck bralette and a leather skirt.     You can combine them with your favourite torn jeans and  braids hairstyle.     Just lush. Match them with Gucci silk trousers, Gucci wool swetter , a Prada leather shoulder bag and an Inkosi ring.    You can make your own personal fashionable style by worn them with tracksuits.     Fur slides are the best choice for a night out appearance, to make your nights fluffy!     For an alternative look in a music concert.    For sleepy or “rose” girly streetstyle combined perfectly with pink Dior lipstick and nail polish.     Pastel is an attitude. You can wear them to make a night out summer style a little bit different.
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23 May 2017
fur city

The Succesfull 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair

“Stall” in the history of Kastoria International Fur Fair  was the 42nd competition that took place at the Fur  Exhibition Center of Western Macedonia from 4th to 7th of May, with the participation of 115 exhibitors representing  the greatest businesses  in the fur industry. 80% of these were Greek businesses and 20% were companies from other countries (Italy, Turkey, Finland and Serbia), which occupied the entire 13,000 sq.m. During the exhibition,  glamorous  models of fur companies, were stimulating  the interest of visitors and introduced to the public  new fashion statements and creating trends that will dominate the fur fashion in the winter 2017-18. The new fur collection has been represented in unique way at a fabulous Fashion Show (Gala), which for the first time took place in historical center of Kastoria, where the fur and the tradition of the city gave a magnificent result.               KASTORIA FUR FAIR 2017   Thousands of business visitors coming from the most important fur industries  of  the world (1.128 visitors from 32 countries), made the exhibition a truly international event. Also, important business trades and agreements concluded in the duration of the exhibition. As  part of the exhibition was held Fur Workshop for young designers who, in the course of its work, got know the art of fur processing.  Young   designers made their own fur creations, showing  great enthusiasm for the new luxurious material that they had the chance to know better.     Source: Fur Fair Kastoria 
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08 May 2017
parte marin fur slides

Hottest Fur Shoes to Flaunt on Summer 2017

Fur Fetish: Hottest Fur Shoes to Flaunt this Summer Fur is a great deal more than a fashion staple. It is a symbol of glamorous and style savvy women. Above all, fur is about lavish comfort, so why deprive your feet from all its effortless luxury? Here, feast your eyes on the 20 hottest fur shoes spotted on the SS’17 catwalks: These Russian-inspired real fur sliders from Parte Marin are a chunky delight of fur, and they’ll give your precious feet a luxuriously dreamy comfort.                     Fendi’s drop dead sexy fur wedge ankle boots created quite the fashion frenzy on the spring catwalks, and this is definitely one pair of boots that we all need to claim some undeniable glamour in our style statements. Prada created an insanely chic pop of color by blending in pink and brown to create an amazingly functional pair of flats with softly romantic brown fur detailing adorning the pointy toe. These Princeton bejeweled loafer slides by Gucci are a wondrous combination of fur and sparkle. They are just what one needs to provide lavish comfort and undeniable glamour to one’s feet at a black tie event.                                                                                                 Faux Feather & Satin Mules from Katy Perry’s SS’17 collection are nothing less than instant attention grabbers and head-turners. These drop dead glamorous heels will garner your feet all the right attention on the streets!       At the Milan Fashion Week, Prada presented us with an insanely voguish trend to rock flats without feeling the least bit glamorous. This incredibly gorgeous pair of flats lined with a cushiony fur detailing is the hottest shoe in street style, and understandably so!                                                                                 The Scarlett dress heels by Steve Madden are just what you need to ravish your inner goddess and channel your sensuality on a hot date, or a star studded black tie event for that matter. Steve Madden fur heels Fendi’spompom strappy sandal is a playful furry delight for those who seek creativity and energy in their style statement.                                                               These open-toe beauties from Anna Sui’s Ready to Wear SS’17 collection literally set the ramp on fire with their classic voguish appeal, and they are just what a girl needs to strike all the right chords of glamour.                                                                                                                                                                                   ManoloBlahnik offers us a delightful take on 40’s glamour with these gorgeous Lima heels that come in a delightful two-toned combination of artful pinks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Zara’s furry flats have taken over street style with a powerful rage, and they are literally everywhere to be seen, which isn’t the least bit surprising considering how comfy they are. Furry crocs are the hottest new footwear trend on the fashion radar, and this Christopher Kane design is comfy, smart and stylish, which makes it right on-point to amplify your street style game. This insanely adorable Anya Hindmarch is a luxurious delight that we all need to create our comfy-at-home wardrobes! These cyan fur slides are perfect to give any monotone or neutral outfit an excitingly energetic pop of color.        Tibi’s minimalist ankle strap flats are the epitome of classic charm, and they make us realize that flats don’t necessarily have to be boring.                                             
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13 April 2017
how to understand that a coat is made of real high quality fur

5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Fur Coat

It’s time to buy your first real fur coat. You know that it will set you apart from the crowd but is also a lifetime investment. So how you will be sure that the coat that you loved is made of real high quality fur? There are some important things you have to consider before you proceed to the purchase. 1. Real or Fake. Ok maybe this sounds ridicoulus, but there are people that can’t see the difference. Real fur is very soft in compare with fake. Search for labels. Check inside the lining. Real animal hairs taper to a fine point. Make the burn test. Remove a few hairs, hold them together and light them with a lighter . Burning animal hair smells like burning human hair. Fake fur, which is commonly made from acrylic or polyester, smells like melting plastic when burned. 2. Cropped or full skin coats. In most of the cases when a tailor start to making a fur coat uses only the best parts of the skin, with higher density and softer feeling. Those parts are the back and the belly of the animal, the legs, tail, head and some damaged parts are removed. Furriers use these parts to make pleters (squares from fur pieces), and they use the pleters to make coats, vests and jackets. So a fur coat made of whole skin its much more expensive and has higher quality material than a cropped one. You can understand a cropped fur coat from the pattern, the pieces are not symetrical and not same each other. Two examples bellow of fur cropped fur clothing.          3. Pelts quality and origin. There are several kinds of fur types, the most common are mink, fox, chinchilla, sable and lynx. The most qualitative pelts are sold in the certified fur  auctions, NAFA in Canada, SAGA in Finland, ALC in USA, KOPENHAGEN FUR in Europe and SOJUZPUSHNINA in St. Petersburg. When you see one of these labels on your coat then you know that it has been made with very good quality raw material.  These 5 famous fur auctions gather pelts from certified farms and sell them to the furriers. In every auction there are several lots for the same fur type and color, thats because some farms produce better quality pelts than others. Every auction has it’s own system of labeling and uses several labels to identify every quality.   For example in mink pelts Kopenhagen offers 4 qualities of pelts. The finest of the finest, Purple Quality. Second, Platinum Quality. Third Burgundy Quality. Fourth Ivory quality.      Mink: When a woman purchases her first fur coat, it’s almost always mink. Mink is officially the highest-selling fur worldwide, due to its light weight, decadently soft texture, unique sheen and incredibly long life. Coats made of female skins (smaller, lighter and softer) are considered more desirable. Most recognizable in a rich, chocolaty shade of dark brown, this fur varies vastly in price, from under $1K to well over $50K. Usually the most qualitative mink pelts are sold in ALC (blackglama), in NAFA and in Kopenhagen fur. Sable: A sable fur coat is one of the most coveted on earth, revered for its silky pelt, which retains smoothness regardless of which way it’s stroked. A demure jacket can start at around $4K, but a top-quality silvery coat can easily run into six figures, or upwards of $150K.  Chinchilla: Recognized for its glamorous slate blue-gray color, chinchilla is about as prestigious as it gets. It’s extremely lightweight, yet bears the highest hair density of any animal, so no other fur is softer or warmer, or looks more lavish. Chinchilla is difficult to work with (one of the reasons it’s so expensive) and requires a lot of care. Prices range from $3K to $100K. Fox: Fox, which comes in many natural colors, is found all over the world. Because of its long hair and distinctive coloring, its popularity depends on fashion, especially in the US. The most qualitative fox pelts are from SAGA fur auction. Lynx: Only limited amounts of pelts are sold, accounting for its high price tag. In addition to having an exceptionally fluffy snow-white coat with subtle black spots, it is also the only long-haired fur that won’t shed. The belly of the pelt is usually whiter and has longer fur, and garments made only of belly fur are therefore more expensive than those made from whole pelts.     4. Check inside the lining. The surest way to determine the quality of a fur coat and whether a it is real or faux is to examine underneath the lining, checking the back of the fur itself. Sometimes furrier has an opening in the lining at the end of the coat. Others has a zipper on the lining so you can see easily inside.  Find a place in the lining where you can either see inside or at least feel the underside of the fur.  It’s a fairly simple matter to open up a seam in the lining just an inch or so and only needs to be large enough to poke a finger inside to check the back side. Genuine animal pelts will resemble smooth suede leather and are often sewn together in strips, sections or pieces like a patchwork quilt.   5. Labels. We need to clarify that no labels does not mean bad quality or fake fur. You can’t always depend on the Fur Label Authority tag in every instance.  If you want to be 100% sure for the quality and the origin of your fur you need to search for the labels bellow. Brand label.  Origin of the pelts label. When the furriers buy pelts from auctions, they provide them with original labels of the partucular auction, NAFA, SAGA, Kopenhagen fur, ALC and SOJUZPUSHNINA. So if you see one of these labels the pelts are certified. In some cases furriers use pelts from independent farms that are also good quality. Every auction has it’s own system of labeling and uses several labels to identify every quality, as we told earlier. Manufacture’s country label. It is common the fur associations of every country provide furriers with authority labels. For example in USA you will find the FLA tag. Best manufacturer countries are USA, Canada, Greece, Denmark and Italy. So search for those labels.
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