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11 May 2018
mink style

20 Killing Ways To Style Your Mink Coat

Delicate. Classic. Femine. These are the words that jumps in my mind when i look at a woman wearing a mink coat !  There is something about this piece that immediately refines any look with a touch of elegance. Honestly there is no better shortcut to look effortless chic than by throwing on a mink coat . Especially in real fur , can instantly up your winter style game. Either paired it with high boots and sweater , athleisure wear or even with hippie jeans , pretty much anyone can pull off a mink coat !      Effortless chic in honey colored mink jacket , hippie jeans and kitten heels.   Casualty meets classic! Playing with the details , jeans + same color sweater ( a life hack ), leather ankle booties +leather belt + leather clutch and a vintage mink coat to complete the outfit!   Every milanese has a medieval kind of aesthetic feeling. This woman was captured in the streets of Milan during fashion week in really playful mood. We adore every single choice regarding her outfit!  Mink patchwork coat paired with black  tights, vinyl shoes and leather skirt,  playful handbag , cute bag charms and a cartwheel mediavel black hat !    Veronica Heilbrunner in lilac pants, petrol long sleeve shirt and a statement Gucci mink coat !   Mink coats match everything ! Mira Duma took athleisure style on another level! She dressed so comfortable in nike runners, black leggings and baseball cap!    Classic yet simple. Kitten heels , black pants , white top , animal print leather clutch,  natural shades !    If you ever wondered how to use contrast to create killing outfits , Christine Centenera made it easy for you. Just use black elements to create a black based outfit and pull off a statement white coat to complete it ! Christine made it look effortless chic with a pearl full length mink coat !    Chiara Ferragni in hooded sweater , Fendi coat, Hermes birkin and Karlito keychain !    Sure, you can never go wrong with denim but Vivianna Volpicelo styling method involves natural tones and classic accessories like the mail bag and the hippie scarf.   Pajamas (chic, actually), shiny wedges and socks—all can be forgiven when you cover it up with a mink coat coat.   Street Chic. Oversized full length mink ( blue iris ) , russian hat, white vinyl shoes, Gucci belt-bag, denims and swaeter !    Total black + Classic mink coat ! Statement outfit !    Attention please, don’s try this at home ! But you can get some ideas! Anna Dello Russo proves that she is from another planet with this eccentric outfit that perfectly supports: Ombre mink coat, fluffy fox fur handbag, sock fit boots!    This seems to be like ” not an outfit at all” but the balck details ( bag + ankle boots + sunglasses )  paired with a vivid colored wrap make the difference !    Have you ever wanted to be that mysterious diva? If yes, this is your outfit . Big hood, lleather killer gloves, big handbag , sunglasses and a statement coat !    A hot Sunday in Moscow! Wear your airmax and denims for an easy-go , use a beanie to add some charm , tie your cardigan around the waist and don’t forget your 5,000 USD mink coat ! In love with that white long mink coat !   The cute way to wear a mink coat in New York. Turtle-nack jumper, beanie and high boots are enough to fight the big chill!    If you want to make it count you can do it in the Parisian way! A faded silver blue mink jacket is an all time classic! You can pair it perfectly with black elements!    Depending on the style you’re chasing, go for an open mink coat for a more effortless look or a fitted one for something more glam. You’ll be surprised by how versatile a mink fur coat can be! 
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25 April 2018
fur coat storage

How To Store Your Fur Coat During Summer

Summer is coming and the temperature is rising. That’s probably good news for your mood but for sure its not the best news for your fur coat! Don’t worry we get your back ! The only thing you have to do is to store your coat properly . The storage of your fur coat is simple but very important for it’s life , if you do it right  you will keep it in peak condition and it will live longer.     1. Where to store your fur coat . Fur does better in cold places, in a range of  10-15C ( 50-60F )  which has been shown to be the ideal conditions for preserving furs.  Humidity is not the best friend of fur, so choose a place in a range of 45-50% humidity, usually basements are not the right place because the humidity is higher.  The darker the better, exposure in sunlight for a big period can cause problems in your fur and change it’s initial color. Avoid cedar closet. One of the trendy building materials used in closets these days is cedar. The problem with this type of closet is that absorb humidity, so if you live in a dry place and also the cedar absorb most of it, your fur will loose the valuable moisture it needs to stay fresh and vivid. Also the coat maybe absorb the smell of the cedar.   2. How to store your fur coat.  Select the right storage bag. Avoid plastic cloth bags, plastic prevents fresh air , that may dry your coat. The best choice is a cotton cloth bag because it allows the coat to breathe. Also have in mind that your coat has to fit comfortably in the bag.  Avoid the use of moth balls , they absorb humidity. Also they have an intense smell that can be passed on the coat. Once the fur coat absorbe the odor it will be very difficult to get rid of it.  Use big , broad-shouldered clothes hanger to support the full weight of the coat.  Give some space to your coat. Try to storage your coat in a closet with not so many clothes. In that way you will protect your coat from being pushed and to loose it’s original shape and fur .      If you follow all the tips above your coat will stay in a perfect condition for many years, although storing fur coats is usually best done with a professional retail furrier. That’s because they have the facilities to preserve your fur coat in the suitable conditions. Also a professional furrier will take a look in your coat, for any damages and will also clean it from oils and odors.    For more fur care tips check here..            
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04 April 2018
custom made fur slides

9+1 Instagramers Wear The Haute Acorn Fur Slides

Spring is finally here and the fur slides came out on the streets ! The sliders were the shoes of last summer, we hope they will continue rockin’  ! Is there anything more easy-going than a slide sandal ? Slip ’em on and get out the door, just like that!  There are so many ways to incorporate fur slide trend into your summer style and we would love to praise the 9 outfits that took our attention this season!    1. @josephine wendel : Rossonero crop top / Two tone jeans / Custom made fur slides      2. @charliekamale : Black tights / Louis Vuitton handbag / Karl Lagerfeld bagcharm      3. @aggelikivictoria_koutava : Nude shade cropped top / Blue jeans / Cute attitude / Summer blue fox slides   4. @katierogs : Ripped jeans / Black bralette ( outline the deep neck of yours ) / Black fluffy sliders    5.  @angelina.xz : White top/ Silver tights / Proper tan / Black fluffies     6. @dawntc : Addidas t-shirt / Black lace up mini skirt / Ponytail hairstyle / Much confidence       7. @dazhanaleah : Floral Zara top / High waist wide leg pants / H&M olive green handbag / Champagne fur slides    8. @laura_n_e_w  : Addidas athleisure outfit / Beige fur slides  – Boring? Think again.  She took casual style on another level      9. @j.touni : Black top / Skinny jeans / Statement earings / Gray fox fur slides   And my personal favorite ! @yungpeppermint : Total black outfit / Natural curves / Black fluffy mules       
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21 March 2018
Linda Evangelista for Vogue September 1989

Vintage Fur Coats You Need To See

We live in an era that fashion is at it’s finest , trends come and go faster than ever , new styles, new voices , new fashion roads open every single day! Fortunatelly the old never ”gets old” and the love of classic vintage fashion remains timeless .   If you’re anything like us, you constantly look to the past  for your daily style inspiration.  From the faded brown mink stoles of the 1960s to the full length fur coats of the 1940s there are a lot of vintage ideas to inspire you.  Everyone’s mother or grandmother has a fur coat, this fact by itself makes fur a synonym of Vintage. Everytime i spell this word, i bring unconsciously in my mind the dark brown , full length, heavy mink coat of my grandfather.  I am very happy to see that many young people express the nostalgia for their roots and their past with a vintage approach in their style! We have collected some of our favourite vintage fur styles in an effort to travel you back to a different era.    1980s Vintage mink coat   Princess Diana in white mink coat 1980s   Queen Elizabeth 1985   Vintage silver mink coat 80s                           Linda Evangelista for Vogue September 1989     1970s   Chinchilla coat 1970s   Jackie Onassis 70s   jaqueline bisset 1970s   L’Officiel magazine 1974 vintage white fur coats   Marie Claire Magazine Paris 1974   1960s Vintage mink etol   Bette Davis 1963   Brigitte Bardot 1960s   Elizabeth Taylor as ‘Gloria Wandrous’ in Butterfield 8 (1960) in mink coat     New York Harbor, 1962   Simone d’Aillencourt in white mink stole 60s   Sophia Loren in Lonodn 1960s   Wilhelmina Cooper for Vogue August 1963   1950s Barbara Mullen in EMBA mink jacket 50s   Carmen Dell’Orefice, Vogue, October 1955   Christian Dior vintage mink 50s   Dorian Leigh 50s   Mairilyn Monroe 1950s   Marilyn Monroe Chinchilla coat 1950s   Queen Elizabeth 50s   Rita Hayworth. 1950s   Sophia Loren,1959   Suzy Parker, photo by Virginia Thoren 1955 1940s Judy Garland 1940s   Judy Garland wearing mink coat 1943   Katharine Hepburn 1940s   Lauren Bacall 1940s   Vivien Leigh 1940s   1930s Bette Davis, wearing fox fur jacket 1938   Carole Lombard 1930s   Claudette Colbert 1935   Joan Bennett fox cape 30s   Marlene Dietrich wearing vintage fur 1930   Vivien Leigh 1939   1920s  Clara Bow 1920s   Greta Garbo in Gilbert Adrian – 1928 – Wild Orchids   Mademoiselle Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in vintage fur coat 1920s  
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08 March 2018
fendi mink coat

Some Fur Inspiration From Streets Of Fashion Month 2018

Fashion weeks are the most important event in fashion industry. Lots of celebrities are presented at fashion week wearing creations of famous designers. But not only celebrities with their unique style steals the spotlight. There are also other street style stars that they are astonishing with their creative styles. This years fashion trends except from fur jackets , are also sheepskin aviator jackets. The coat game was particularly strong. While some donned colorful real fur, others pulled out their most eye-catching aviator jackets. We wanted to take the time to remember our favorite street style looks from the fashion weeks 2018.
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