There is only one kind of fur which is the softest and the most luxurious, or as it is considered to be. It’s of course the posh chinchilla fur.  Some may even say that it’s 30 times softer than human hair.  Think about that. How does it feel to wear such fluffy softness? If you take a typical Chinchilla, it might have from 50 to 80 hairs growing from only one follicle while we, humans, only have 2 or 3. Also, chinchillas are thought to be hypoallergenic. All these and numerous other reasons make chinchilla fur an excellent addition to any fur collection.

Chinchilla  hypoallergenic coats

The highest density of chinchilla hair makes it the perfect material for fur farming and coat making. There might be no other mammal with such density. They tend to grow over 20 thousand hair per square centimeter.  You will never find any parasite living on Chinchilla’s fur, just because of its hair density. If you have any type of allergy, a chinchilla fur coat is the best choice for you, because it’s a hypoallergenic garment.  Such qualities of fur make coats even warmer and absolutely perfect for a winter outfit. If you’re looking for the perfect winter garment for your baby, why not Chinchilla coat? Don’t be afraid if you have sensitive skin.

Making of Chinchilla coat

To make a perfect fur coat you might need at least 100 chinchillas. These animals are tiny so as their pelts.  Some fur craftsmen use up to 200 chinchilla pelts per coat. The high value of Chinchilla coats is mainly because of the difficulty to make them and the lack of material ( this animal is not common). Breeding of Chinchillas is also difficult because one female Chinchilla can give birth to only up to 3 babies per cycle of reproduction. And this reproduction happens only once a year.  It takes time to farm them so as to make pelts out of them.

Price Value

The typical price of a Chinchilla coat in the US is from 1 to 50 thousand dollars ($1,000 to $50,000). But it’s average. The reasons are obvious why it’s an item of luxury:

  • You may only find chinchilla coats in typical stores or online stores because the making of these coats takes a while.
  • The material is valuable and limited.
  • It needs a master craftsman to make a genuine chinchilla fur coat.
  • It’s hypoallergenic, not like other types of fur.
  • It’s made from highly dense fur
  • Such fur won’t shed if you give proper care.
  • It’s warm, effective, and protective.

The design

Now we know that this type of fur is priceless, but is it fashionable? Of course, it is. The typical chinchilla fur coat should be recognized because of its grey shades with black and white highlights. There might be some brownish hue. Every craftsman has his sense of design. These coats are absolutely and utterly fabulous. If you truly wish to feel like a million-dollars-worth celebrity.

It is a timeless classic.  Just look at Marilyn Monroe who looked luxurious and sexy in this coat. This coat is an investment and a statement.